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Artist Studio

Artist residencies peru

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Painting Program
Painting Program

natural found pigments | mural art

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Artist Studio
Artist Studio

Artist residencies peru

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 Sachaqa Centro De Arte
Ecovillage in the Peruvian Amazon.

Artist residency programs: painting | ceramics | sculpture trail  | photography | audiovisual | writers retreat

Sachaqa Centro De Arte welcomes artists to the district of San Roque De Cumbaza in the Province of Lamas - located one hour from the city of Tarapoto at a height of 830m above sea level.

Sachaqa stands at the edge of the small jungle village of San Roque De Cumbaza, where we can feel integrated into village life.  The River Cumbaza is our blessing where we can relax on the river beach and enjoy cooling off in pools and small waterfalls.


Situated only a 25-minute walk from the lookout points of nature protection area ‘Cordellera Escalera.’   Within close walking distance to native Kechwa Lamista communities, Chunchiwi, Chiricyacu, and Aviación.




To collaborate with artists in many fields from around the world, offering - artists in residency programs. An opportunity to be part of an authentic Peruvian Amazon experience.   

We strive to protect, share and preserve our ancient Peruvian indigenous heritage  – exploring local traditions: Lamista and Chazutino cultures.


To ensure that your needs as an artist are met.  As artists, we understand the need to be around other artists so that true inspiration and creativity can blossom.

Residency Programs

Together we can learn to respect our environment through a simple and sustainable lifestyle!

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found pigments and ecological paper


learn how to find natural pigments and make ecological paper using natural resources such as the pulp of banana


Conservation areas and indigenous communities 


Javier Quintana is the director of 'Producciones Concientes.'  An independent production company.  Javier offers courses in photography; how to take a good nature shot. 


conservation area 'Cordillera Escalera'


The theme of our sculpture trail is

‘Conservation Land Art.’

A passionate ceramicist and Weaver. In the Kechwa Lamista community of Wayku, Lamas.jpg


shuntu fire - the traditional way


Learn directly from the artisans of the Chazutino and Kechwa Lamista culture


Lorraine Buckrell - Painter
CANADA  - October  2018

'A unique gem of an art residency that facilitates both an experience and space for developing your craft, along with an ecological, cultural adventure.

Living so closely with the environment was such a gift that helped wash away all agendas so I could focus on what was coming through me, via a deep call to be quiet and connect with myself and the sounds of nature. Like an unbroken meditation, with the jungle as my mirror, I was provided with what I needed to learn, to face my blocks, my fears and anxieties, in my life and my practice.