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Photography Program

Explore conservation areas and indigenous communities

Javier Quintana is the director of 'Producciones Concientes.'  An independent production company.  Javier has a documentary, realistic approach to photography and is passionate about conservational themes.  Javier offers three courses in photography during this program;  portraits, nature, and long exposure photography.

culture trail - portraits

Visit indigenous group Quechua Lamista in the small village of Chunchiwi. a 40-minutes walk from the art center.    

The Quechua Lamista people still wear traditional clothes.  The people know how to live self-sustainably with simple farming lifestyles.  With 22,513 people the Lamista population is of demographic importance representing 9.39% of the indigenous population of Peru. 

Javier Quintana will be your instructor in the art of photojournalism, real-life reportage and creative artistic portraits.

Photography Nature Trail

The conservation area 'Cordillera Escalera' is a priority area for the conservation of mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and birds. There is an abundant variety of rare species in this uncharted landscape.  The more species we find and record can help to protect the very unstable status of the Cordillera Escalera, which is constantly being threatened by petroleum companies.  The area still requires more research.   


Together with Javier Quintana explore the outdoors.  Photography devoted to landscapes, wildlife, plants, and close-ups of natural scenes and textures.

2-hour walk to Napo in the Cordillera Escalera national park,  passing Anakiwi River a secluded crystal clear river where you can indulge in nature and swim in natural pools. 

San Roque De Cumbaza

Photo Javier Quintana - Cordillera Escalera

Night Shots

The opportunity to learn how to photograph at night in the Amazon rain forest.  The spectacle of the moon and stars shining over trees and mountains is truly something out of this world.  Adventure with Javier Quintana to explore night photography using a long exposure.  

All above photos taken by Javier Quintana

Santa elena ecological reserve

Santa Elena is a reserve with abundant biodiversity located in the province of Rioja.  Unlike other similar places, it is traveled by canoe and is composed of small rivers that cross it and allow you to navigate deep into the jungle.  The course of the rivers is flanked by tropical trees that form a natural canopy with their leaves and many different types of birds and small mammals, especially monkeys, can be seen and heard. 


  • 6 am start 3-half hour drive to the Reserve

  • large breakfast

  • 6-hour boat journey exploring the reserve

  • return to Santa Elena

  • explanation of an organic coffee plantation while we eat a small snack and drink a coffee

  • journey back to Sachaqa

image_6487327 (1).JPG

5D 4N – River Trip – River Dolphins – Pacaya Samiria Reserve

If you would like to travel deeper into the jungle you can journey to Yurimaguas a two-hour journey by car from Tarapoto.  The Pacaya–Samiria National Reserve, located 183 km (114 mi) southwest of Iquitos, is the second largest protected area in Peru and in the Amazon region. It covers an area of 20,800 km2 (8,000 sq mi) and is rich in biodiversity.