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Sachaqa Centro De Arte
Ecovillage in the Peruvian Amazon.

Artist residency program: painting, ceramics, sculpture trail, music, writer's welcome

Sachaqa Centro De Arte welcomes artists to the district of San Roque De Cumbaza in the Province of Lamas - located one hour from the city of Tarapoto at a height of 830m above sea level.  Sachaqa stands at the edge of the small jungle village of San Roque De Cumbaza, where we can feel integrated into village life.  The River Cumbaza is our blessing where we can relax on the river beach and enjoy cooling off in pools and small waterfalls.

Situated only a 25-minute walk from the lookout points of the protection area ‘Cordellera Escalera’  and within close walking distance to native Kechwa Lamista communities, Chunchiwi, Chiricyacu, and Aviación.




To collaborate with artists from diverse fields worldwide, Sachaqa Centro de Arte offers artist residency programs, providing an opportunity to immerse themselves in an authentic Peruvian Amazon experience. Through these programs, we aim to preserve and share our ancient Peruvian indigenous heritage, specifically exploring the traditions of the Lamista and Chazutino cultures. Our commitment lies in fostering creativity, cultural exchange, and sustainable development through artistic exploration and education. We endeavor to create a supportive and inclusive environment where individuals can discover, express, and connect through the transformative power of art.


At Sachaqa Centro de Arte, we envision a world where art transcends boundaries, becoming a powerful catalyst for positive change. In this world, diverse voices resound, celebrated for their unique perspectives, and creativity flourishes as a formidable force driving personal and societal transformation. Through our unwavering commitment to programs, partnerships, and community engagement, we aspire to ignite inspiration, foster innovation, and nurture a global network of artists and art enthusiasts. Our aim is to cultivate a future where vibrancy and equity thrive. We pledge to meet the needs of artists, recognizing that true inspiration and creativity blossom in the presence of fellow creators. As artists ourselves, we understand the importance of fostering an environment where collaboration and artistic growth are paramount.

Residency Programs

Together we can learn to respect our environment through a simple and sustainable lifestyle!

unnamed (4).jpg


found pigments and ecological paper


learn how to find natural pigments and make ecological paper using natural resources such as the pulp of banana




painting program

learn how to prepare plant and earth pigments


basic residency

creative process 


We are looking for professional artists who are ready to get busy in the studio working towards a collection of work that we can display in a chosen exhibition or event at the end of the residency.


protected area 'Cordillera Escalera'


The theme of our sculpture trail is

‘Conservation Land Art.’



fire your work in the traditional way


Learn directly from the artisans of the Chazutino and Kechwa Lamista culture

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