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Artists- 2011 and before

Lindsay Seligman from California-Painter,Dancer,Designer

Trina’s art center is a transformative place that offers anyone, artist or not, a place to reach creative potential in any form. 

Reconnect with the earth, collect her gifts, create your own art from her rivers and plants, see the faces of people with souls as old as the Amazon, learn their ancient knowledge of arts, clay, paper, dance and the mysteries of medicine from the jungles wealth, swim in the river, build an earthen house, teach the children, let the children teach you, learn from the plants, connect back to the mother earth you may have lost…she has been waiting for you.   Trina is a truly generous teacher who will do all she can to share her knowledge of creating mineral paints from the earth and give you a space to truly dive into your creativity.  In the nearby artisan and historical town of Lamas you have opportunities to exhibit and sell your work. I had an art exhibition here with a well-known local artist and it was the privilege of a lifetime. Sachaqa is a fully sustainable village in the middle of nature, with monkey’s swinging by in trees, birds, flowers, rain, sun, rivers and peace. There are endless opportunities here to learn to live in harmony with nature, farming, composting, and natural building. There are endless opportunities to be creative. The village is a loving and open place where your dreams are theirs.

Blog about my trip


Lena Huber - Switzerland

Lena Huber from Switzerland-Photographer,Painter,writer.


If you realize.. many ideas and understandings are born through the silence

..that a honest smile is worth more than all the spoken words

..that its time to crush the stones, take the brush in your hand and choose color

..that life is a present and you try to live in the, this, present

..that you realize that pain and suffering is part of life, like a birth. 
That ..there is no light without dark.



If you wanna..

..listen to the river, feel the warm stone under your ass, look at the stars, look in the past and ..feel so small, feel so human

..get empty, if you wanna get full

..heal your addiction of humans who give you a good feeling and confront you with the worth you give or don’t give yourself.. and be alone, alone with nothing and alone with everything

..lie under the mosquito net, fly a little in your own big small world, listen to the horse on the other side of the wall eating the grass, feel home and say goodnight

..If you get lost in the clouds because there is no translation

..feel like in a warm, deep breathing womb

..see little chickens growing because they walk everyday around and say hello

..hear the sound of the Amazonas

..smell this indescribable smell when it rains on the warm earth and feel the nature, feel part of it


..drink amazing coffee and be here, here where it grows all day long with beautiful children and never lose fascination in their creative way of life and their crazy and so funny world

..wake up with the sunrise

..fall in love with all this baby’s and children and mamas and papas and dogs and cats..

..feel so home and so restless in the same time..

Or if you just wanna hang out with cool people and drink a beer from the store on a sunny Sunday afternoon

.. then come here. And be here.

And let me finish my little comment with a picture, a metaphor, how describe.. what ever it means for you..or what it is about for me:

“Somewhere in the hindukush

lives the greatest poet

Scribbling signs in the dust

And we will never know it..”


Thanks for the peaceful time and some magical moments *

Mike Sprout-UK

Mike Sprout from England-Painter

Peru changed my life, and the good stuff really started to happen when I got to San Roque. Beautiful forest, peace, noises, brushes, and a river to swim in every morning. Jungle on mountains is stunning. I had everything I needed and started painting the day I arrived, or maybe the day after? Trina and PJ were so good to me, a big sister and big brother to me, whether they like the idea or not. The month or so I was there was important in every part of my life. I owe all the San Roqueians a lot. There’s a waterfall we walked to, it blew my mind. I learnt a lot, lots of beginnings of things. I’m almost crying at the thought that I could easily have never bumped into an Irishman in a café in Tarapoto who told me about an art centre, which changed the shape of my South America trip, and changed the shapes in my life and my art.
Trina is inspired, and Peru is where you should be.

Courtney Walters-USA

Courtney Walters from the States-Writer,Painter.
I left the States to continue on a journey of self exploration. A friend told me about the community in San Roque and a painting Britsh Bird with a quiant and inspiring art studio. I rented a room near the studio and fell in love with the resident hen and her vision. 

Traditionally, I have expressed myself with words and stories. I brought with me a sketch book and pencils I had been drawing with over the preceeding year. I never shared my sketches and kept the book a tight secret. Time with Trina, surrounded by her art, knowledge, and vision opened me up. She set me up with a canvas and brushes, and I was on my way. She offered technical advice and inspiration where needed. I was quickly hooked on this new painting thing, manipulating color and shape to express myself without words. I felt the passion and power of the brush and colors it revealed. I felt invigorated creating my first two paintings. I healed on the river, and thanks to the Art Center in front of the easel, revealing myseteries that continue to unfold.

Thanks Trina and everyone at the Art Center, for playing a role in the opening of parts of myself which have provided unimagined strengths.

Caroline Flynn - New York

Caroline Flynn, New York- Painter and Cook.
I came to Peru with my boyfriend, with no real path, just an open mind and an eagerness to break free from the rigid city life. We originally came to San Roque to WWOOF, but soon realized that our mission there was much deeper. We had planned on staying for two weeks, then moving quietly on our way. However, a deeper voice held us there - unsure of what it was, we trusted and embraced it. A month later we were still there, shacked up in a quaint bungalow on the river, with new family and two easels in the Sachaqa Art Center. 
Trina and Daniel encouraged us both to stay and explore ourselves deeper, and in turn we produced two beautiful paintings that now hang proudly in our quaint Brooklyn home. 
I did a lot of healing, growing and learning here with the guidance of Trina. Her knowledge is endless and her inspiration runs deep, and with that she has created a true sanctuary. Thank you Trina for helping me unlock a deeper passion within that I had been stifling for too long. All of my love! See you 

Visitors of the 'Pisac Art Center' when we were in Cusco.


Visitors of the Pisac Art Center/before Sachaqa

Shyloh from Canada-Writer, musician.
I dont know really what to say..because, where you are going to live is different from Pisac of know what I mean? I cant really feel how the new and improved art center will be or how the environment is. But the initmateness and the sharing and the ability to grow within ourselves and further our creative mind was a nice atmosphere...the place of course of was amazing and deepend our own knowledge of ourselves, externally and internally. I dont know I could write about the apus and such..but you wont be there!! 

IF I can help though with anything let me know!



Amy Rorke from Australia- Photographer.

The Pisac Art Centre will always hold a special place in my heart. The times I spent there were an incredible mixture of happiness, relaxation, healing and learning. For me it was the retreat from the busy Cusco centre - somewhere I could feel the breeze sweeping across the mountains, the sunshine on my skin and at night... the entire universe mirroring the gurgling Urubamba river. Trina is an amazing host - open and vibrant and accepting of what is. She is a delight to spend time with and quite often has a refreshing take on things that I find inspiring and interesting. I highly recommend a stay at the centre and can't wait to get back there again.



Anthony May from Oregon- Painter, Sculptor.
there is so much i could say about Peru. when i came back to the u.s. i felt everchanged. my experience there was like some mystical transport into a old way by which life is supposed to be about. i felt at home which was strange because it was somewhere i have never been before. the other artists there at the center were some of the most inspiring and real people i have met on any of my travels. between skirting cliffsides, walking on ancient incan trails and participating in indigenous rituals, i was still able to find time to sketch, paint and take photographs. i feel fortunate to have experienced what peruvian culture is like and through the perspective of what the center offered, i was able to be live and breathe the culture. i will never forget my journey and i will be visiting soon again.


Jarah Tree from the world- Painter, Musician.
meeting the people at el molle was like stepping into an open family for me ,,, a beautiful and diverse mixture of creative beings ,,, sharing their passion for art in a really simple and hands on way ,,, I am a dedicated artist so i needed the real thing .. or it wasnt gonna "work " for me ,,, no sooner had I arrived and there was an easel in front of me , some space , music , smiles around me !,,,, and the canvas I had been working on from the previous month ,,,was evolving in right in front of me !! ye ! ,,, thankyou Trina ! for " holding space " ill see you in the amazonas !! ,,,,,,,,,, Jarahtree ,,,,,,, xxx ,,,,,,, by the way the piece I was working on is called " el milagro " ( the miracle ! ) check it out on my web site ...,,,,,,




Jay Kravitz from San Francisco- sculptor.
Tides have swept me back into the artist life here in the San Francisco bay area to build community, but my heart remains in Peru with the gifted and loving people of the Pisac Arts Center. I literally walked up to the gates and was instantly welcomed into the arms of the sweetest people I have had the privilege of knowing. I instantly felt at home. In fact, I was so impressed that I decided to stay through Winter Solstice and Christmas - sharing gatherings and feasts. The Center is a beautiful place that etched visions of family and creativity into my life forever. Thank you Trina, Daniel, Eroca, PJ, Jen, Teddy, Inai and Bosci for enriching my life in ways I only dreamed of.




Maartje De Volder from Holland- Writer.

The art center gave me an opening last year and a new artist was born! Living in an inspirational environment among artist and Peruvians made me turn inwards working with anything potentially creative. This worldspread artistic family inspires me still!'




Jen Rodwell from hawaii- Dancer.

I think Trina created a really special art center and community of artists and non-artists alike in the Sacred valley of Peru. For me it was a community that was well grounded and respectful of the individual, while connected and communal as a group. I loved the community breakfasts to start the day and then wandering off as each chose. I think her dedication to Panchamama, her visionary perspective, her special Bradford personality, her openhearted and open mindedness allowed for a unique community to manifest. With her heart and her integrity there is only more and better to come.....


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