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Combined Arts Program

Courses in: Documental photography, painting with found pigments and indigenous ceramics.
Walks to: Huacamaillo Waterfall and Anakiwi clear river springs and national park - sculpture trail.


Documental Photography - explore conservation areas and indigenous communities

Javier Quintana is the director of 'Producciones Concientes.'  An independent production company.  Javier has a documentary, realistic approach to photography and is passionate about conservational themes.  

Photography culture trail - portraits

Visit indigenous group Quechua Lamista in the small village of Aviación.   Don Angel will be your guide and passage to the indigenous communities.   An 80-minutes walk from the art center.    You will pass through Chiricyacu community, where you will have lunch before venturing on 15 more minutes to your final destination.

The Quechua Lamista people still wear traditional clothes.  The people know how to live self-sustainably with simple farming lifestyles.  With 22,513 people the Lamista population is of demographic importance representing 9.39% of the indigenous population of Peru. 

Javier Quintana will be your instructor in the art of photojournalism, real-life reportage and creative artistic portraits.

Photos Javier Quintana 

Ecological painter Trina Brammah has worked with natural pigments for over ten years.  Trina mostly works with earth and stones.  Trina believes in the healing properties of art created with collected materials.   She has developed her unique style and will guide you in the studio to make the most out of earth pigments. 

Found Pigment Painting 

Indigenous Ceramics - Trip to the native community of Chunchiwi (2 hour walk)

In the Quechua-Lamista territory which spreads over 5’492.5 hectares.   Workshop in Ceramics: two half days.  Make a simple ceramic bowl, paint with natural pigments.  Return when your bowl is dry to fire your bowl on the Shuntu Fire.

You will collect natural pigments on the way back to San Roque, with Trina Brammah.   A pallet of red, orange, yellow, green and brown.

Walks In Nature

Huacamaillo Waterfall from the village of San Antonio

Half an hour drive from the village of San Roque we will reach San Antonio.  The waterfall is around one and a half hour walk from the village.  You will cross over small rivers and streams along the way. Picnic lunch in nature.  

Lookout point of the national park Cordillera Escalera - Sculpture Trail and Anakiwi clear river springs. With local guide Genrry

Walk from the village of San Roque walking up for about 30 minutes to the lookout point and sculpture trail.  Continuing on down to the crystal clear springs of Anakiwi River where you can relax in nature and enjoy a picnic.

San Roque De Cumbaza

View of the Cordillera Escalera photo - Javier Quintana

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