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artist testimonials 2022

Anna Huehold-Illustrator

Germany  - May - June 2022

‘I spent 2,5 weeks in Sachaqa and had an amazing time. In Sachaqa I had the chance to live uphill from the little jungle village of San Roque de Cumbaza which is located in the Peruvian jungle. The center is a bit tucked away and not that easy to access which allows a deep experience, surrounded by the jungle and a lot of stillness and inspiration. It’s a place without any diversion which creates a very special vibe. Because I mostly draw digitally as an illustrator I wanted to experience a bigger connection to nature and the more traditional ways to make art. And so I came to Sachaqa to experience the workshops in the painting program, explore how to paint with natural pigments, and get some rest and peace after 8 months of traveling. I was lucky enough to find along my journey this place. I spent the first week alone in the center which took me to my limits and beyond. I was able to rediscover my creativity and a routine, in this special environment which I lost while traveling so much. Trina also gave me the opportunity to experience the ceramics workshop with Petrona and a weaving workshop in Lamas which was a unique experience in the local community, where you learn traditional crafts. I was also able to achieve new knowledge about printing and book-binding techniques and to explore the beauty of the natural pigments which I collected with Trina from the river. And apart from that I was lucky enough to be part of the very welcoming and warmhearted community in San Roque. In the second week was even a big birthday celebration of the little village, with local dance shows and parties and a lot of fun. Thank you to everyone who made this stay special!’

IG: @draw_and_wander

antonella raio-sculpture program

Italy - July 2022‘The experience I had at Sachaqa Centro De Arte was total. Everything was perfectly organized to get me into the culture and heart of San Roque de Cumbaza. The people I met are unique in their goodness and talent. I will carry with me every face, sound, and smell that this place has been able to give me.’

 IG @raioantonella 

seven moons/ painter

USA - April  2022
‘I remember the day I officially knew I was leaving for Sachaqa. My mind was filled with all sorts of wonder. I had never traveled outside my home country alone. So you can only imagine how anxious and nervous I was.

I arrived at Sachaqa on a pouring rainy night. I entered Trina’s bungalow where she greeted me kindly offering me hot tea and fresh cocoa chocolates and off to a wonderful friendship we were.

Sachaqa was a place I went to with a huge desire to learn and make meaningful connections. Thankfully Trina knew where to learn and where to go. I was able to take a couple of ecological paper-making courses, and ceramic lessons and even Trina herself took me to collect pigments.

Thanks to Sachaqa for the once in a lifetime I was provided with a space to create nature, with peaceful silence, and no boundaries. Just me and my art. The results were great! I was able to develop a bright playful style, learn how to be more sustainable in my practice, and how to utilize different rocks, herbs, and pigments.
The best part of all was having these wonderful people turn into family. Thank you Sachaqa for being a home to my art and me.’