About us 


Only a short distance from the art center we can journey to indigenous villages within the district of San Roque De Cumbaza: Chunchiwi, Chiricyacu , Aucaloma and Avinasion.  We are passionate about providing sustainable tourism in these villages.  We have held various festivals and invite guests to learn: chumbe weaving, ceramics, basket and mat weaving etc The province of Lamas is one of the most important provinces in the region San Martin, for its great cultural wealth, inhabited by over 3000 Indigenous Quechua speakers. Chazuta is based a 2 and a half hour drive from the center.  Chazuta is considered “Cultural patrimony of the San Martin Region” because of it’s a great contribution to archaeology and popular art, many reasons to be proud.

Quechua Lamista artisan


We are regularly visited on the Sachaqa grounds by a variety of rare birds such as Toucans, Owls, Hummingbirds, and Potoos.  A small family of Pichico monkeys visits most days, along with colorful Lizards and Butterflies - including the Blue Morpho, which is often seen floating around the Sachaqa grounds.    With spectacular views of mountains and forests, you will be guaranteed a colorful palette of inspiration.    

Bird watching Peru

Paradise Tanager - Photo Javier Quintana

Artist Experience 

Sachaqa has attracted many artists from around the world for over the eleven years which you can read about in our ‘Artist Experiences’ and ‘Articles With Sachaqa’ blog.  


We offer :

Our residency now offers several integrated programs:

  • Ceramics - Learn directly from artisans of the Chazutino and Lamista cultures.

  • Painting - found pigments and ecological paper.

  • Sculptures Trail - ecological viewpoint (El Miradore.)

  • Photography - culture, ecological routes and nature photography classes.


What makes a residency at Sachaqa unique:

  • We provide affordable creative space and accommodation for artists of all mediums.

  • Periodically we conduct cultural art events and exhibitions in partnership with various organizations and local institutions. exhibitions + festivals.

  • We have opened a cafe in the village in partnership with 'Situlli Birdwatching'  called 'Sacha Cafe'  where we will hold cultural events, conscientious film, exhibitions and once a month music nights with a DJ. 

  • Learn and exchange creative ideas and techniques with local indigenous artists and artisans.

  • Foster and support artists to search for environmentally sound creative methods using materials found locally.

  • excursions - the opportunity to visit pristine relatively undisturbed nature spots, waterfalls, sulfur springs, viewpoints of national parks, protected areas and spend time getting to know indigenous villages through courses with local artisans.  

Family and community is at the heart of