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Tours and excursion inspiration: Hiking, wildlife and indigenous communities

Traditional ceramics and found pigments.
Quechua Lamista community Chunchiwi

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Visit the home of Petrona an hour hike from the village of San Roque. Process the clay, clean and remove any debris and then have a go at making your own bowl.  A real opportunity to feel what it is like inside the homes of the local indigenous people.   

Collect natural pigments, on the way back to the studio.

Trina Brammah will be your guide and demonstrate how to make natural pigments into paint.


Traditional chumbe belt weaving Kechua Lamista community Chiricyacu

An hour and a half walk from the village of San Roque.  Visit the village of Chiricyacu and learn how to weave the traditional way.  There is a group of women who have created an association of chumbe weavers.  

You will eat lunch locally, chicken soup or rice and beans.

Don Angel will be your guide he is from San Roque and has a great relationship with the community. 


chumbe weaving

Hike to Huacamaillo Waterfall

from the village of San Antonio


Half an hour drive from the village of San Roque we will reach San Antonio.  The waterfall is around one and a half hour walk from the village.  You will cross over small rivers and streams along the way.

Picnic lunch in nature.  

Daniel Lerner will be your guide.


2 Day Hike to Toroyacu Waterfall


4-hour hike to 100m waterfall Toroyacu, passing natural phenomenon ‘Hatun-Rumi ‘Big Rock’ which appears like a natural main road in the center of primary rainforest  – in the  conservation area ‘ Cordillera Escalera.’

Camp overnight by the waterfall.  Once in a lifetime adventure. 

Genrry will be your guide. 



Birdwatching at the lookout point (Cordillera Escalera) and Anakiwi clear river springs

IMG_9094 (1).jpg

Early start at 6 am, a time when the birds are more active.  Walk to Anakiwi clear river brunch at the river. 

Daniel Lerner will be your guide.



Amazon River Dolphins in the Pacaya Samiria Reserve 5D-4N

Located in Yurimaguas, we have to journey by car from the city of Tarapoto for approximately 2-hours. Then by boat another 4-5 hours before we reach the reserve. 

The animals that travelers can expect to see include pink and grey Amazon River dolphins, monkeys, sloths, alligators, chameleons and large numbers of incredible birds such as toucans, parrots, and eagles.  Click on the link below to view the full itinerary of this trip.



Meet Our Team Of Guides

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Trina Brammah

From the Uk, Trina has lived in Peru for over 10 years.  Trina can show you how to prepare naturally found pigments. 

waterfall toroyacu


Is locally from San Roque and understands some English.  He loves art and philosophy.

IMG_0346 (2).JPG

Don Angel

A local guide with a great connection to local Quechua Lamista communities.


Daniel Lerner

Guide from Lima.  Daniel speaks perfect English and is knowledgeable about local birds and plants.  He is the manager of

Sacharuna Adventure

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