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Hike to Toroyacu Waterfall


Day 1 

  • 3-hour hike to ‘Yuractio’ small stone and ‘Hatum Rumi’ big stone.

  • Lunch and break - some food included in the price.

  • 1-hour walk toToroyacu Waterfall.

  • Set up camp and explore the waterfall.

  • Camping.

Day 2

  • breakfast and enjoy the waterfall.

  • walk back to San Roque, easier walk on the way back downhill.

waterfall toroyacu

Genrry will be your guide.  Genrry does not speak English although, understands a little.  He is a local guide and is quite different from other local guides.  He is very philosophical and loves to learn about art.  You will be safe and feel looked after.  

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