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Sachaqa Team

Trina Brammah- Founder- UK

My heart resides in the Amazonian of Peru, where I began an education of understanding and communing within the natural environment.  My creative journey is an integration of life experiences, art education and healing quest.

While living in Peru I have discovered the power and healing energy in all living things - in the earth, rivers, plants and mountains.  The realization that there is healing properties in the actual materials used in creating art. The colors I paint with are mostly natural pigments found in the jungles and mountains of Peru. Earth/clay and minerals collected from the Sacred Valley, Cuzco and stones found here in the jungle.

Daniel Lerner-

Coordinator- Peru Sacharuna Adventure


Daniel Lerner- organizes all Sachaqa events and is particularly passionate about creating festivals in and around the region.  Through these events his vision is to protect and share the Peruvian indigenous culture with the whole.   Dance is an important part of his life, he believes that through dance we can heal, connect to spirit and to the higher self. 


Sacharuna Adventure is also Daniel's passion through his own adventurous spirit he is offering ecotourism, trekking in San Roque, Lamas and Chazuta.


Interview with Daniel - 

What was your intention with ‘Sacharuna Adventure’ Alter-Native eco-tours?

To provide an alternative option for travelers to experience local culture and the Amazon Rainforest, and to create a sustainable project that respects the whole.  Everyone is paid fairly; the drivers, cooks, teachers, guides, local hostels, goods etc.

Why do you think eco-tourism is important?

To create a balance between nature and man, and to support the local economy in a sustainable way, instead of cutting down trees and killing nature.

You are organizing your second major unfinanced festival, what draws you to take on such responsibility?

The main intention is not to make money but to feel active in the community, in local traditions and bring something back to the present from the past, from the old way of doing things.  To involve ‘Sachaqa Centro De Arte’ more in these kinds of events is to enforce the bridge, to show how deep our commitment is to a self-sustainable lifestyle, and to living in the community.