Sachaqa Team

Trina Brammah- Founder- UK

My heart resides in the Amazonian of Peru, where I began an education of understanding and communing within the natural environment.  My creative journey is an integration of life experiences, art education and healing quest.

While living in Peru I have discovered the power and healing energy in all living things - in the earth, rivers, plants and mountains.  The realization that there is healing properties in the actual materials used in creating art. The colors I paint with are mostly natural pigments found in the jungles and mountains of Peru. Earth/clay and minerals collected from the Sacred Valley, Cuzco and stones found here in the jungle.

Vision of Pepe ordonez
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Modern Jesus
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Golden eagle
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mural - Elements -Earth
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Roots Of The Amazon - Community tour guides

We are committed to our local community, which works hard to provide us with local farmed organic products.   Our indigenous guides are masters of navigating these Amazon rainforests, thriving with colorful wildlife distinct to the area and abundant of medicinal plants.  We wholeheartedly support ecotourism, with the intention to protect our forests.  

Daniel Lerner- Peru Sacharuna Adventure

Daniel Lerner- is particularly passionate about creating festivals in and around the region.  Through these events his vision is to protect and share the Peruvian indigenous culture with the whole.   Dance is an important part of his life, he believes that through dance we can heal, connect to spirit and to the higher self. 


Sacharuna Adventure is also Daniel's passion through his own adventurous spirit he is offering ecotourism, trekking in San Roque, Lamas and Chazuta.

Saharuna adventure