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Sachaqa Team

Trina Brammah- Founder- UK

Trina has lived in the small jungle village of San Roque de Cumbaza for the past fifteen years. Her journey to Peru began as a quest to understand the invisible realities, through researching indigenous ways of life, plant medicine and cosmo-vision (worldview). Her visionary art during this period is a document of those experiences and lessons. One of the main realisations through working with plant medicine is the view that the natural environment has a soul. There are healing properties and wisdom hiding behind the surface of the elements found in nature, in the earth, air, rivers, plants and mountains. Trina believes there are healing properties in the actual materials she uses in creating art. The colours she paints with are mostly natural pigments found in the jungles and mountains of Peru. Trina has recently discovered how to create durable paint using plant dyes and now makes her paints using local traditional indigenous dying methods, with plants, bark, roots and seeds. Indigenous communities, way of life, traditions, and cosmo-vision, are a great source of inspiration for Trina. To get to these communities Trina has hiked long distances. Which leads into this new chapter of investigation, the idea that our bodies are connected to divine consciousness. Through extreme hiking and all night dancing, Trina pushes herself to a state where the mind disconnects from the body. Trina believes that the body holds similar information, just like the consciousness found in plants, rocks and the natural elements. Dance and movement therapy is becoming an increasingly important investigation, as a tool for healing, connecting through music and the visionary world that is linked. All of her paintings are 90% naturally sourced, found in the rivers, mountains and indigenous villages of Peru. The plant, stone and earth pigments carry information of the places they were collected, which adds an underlying power to her paintings.

Roots Of The Amazon 

We are committed to our local community, which works hard to provide us with local farmed organic products.   Our indigenous guides are masters of navigating these Amazon rainforests, thriving with colorful wildlife distinct to the area and abundant of medicinal plants.  We wholeheartedly support ecotourism, with the intention to protect our forests.  

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