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Artists Comments - 2016

Nanao TSUKUDA - Ceramics

Japan - September and October 2016

I did the shuto firing (the traditional way of firing on the land of Sachaqa. The first time was almost completely a failure, and almost all the pieces I made was broken, actually exploded, but this experience was the most unique and wonderful gift from the jungle. I learned a lot about the relation between material and the environment. I learned how important it is to use the material that has been traditionally chosen in that place.


The elements from the natural environment, such as heat, humidity, and the kind of woods to fire, determine the material that is afforded in that place. If people try to create something by ignoring what the environment tells us, it never works in the jungle. It might work in a place with full equipment and full energy resources, but that means it is completely unnatural and unreasonable to do. This experience of failure told me how I should choose the material at one place, and also how much I should respect the traditional knowledge that has been build up for a long time at that place.


Also, I had a lot of chances to get inspired from the people in the village. They invited me friendly to their houses, and tried to spend time with me even if I could talk almost no Spanish.


These experiences not only gave me many important knowledge, but also led me to get a wonderful pieces of ceramic work at the end, and I am very happy to bring them back to Japan.


Thank you very much to all, being very supportive to do my big challenge in the jungle.

Germany - December 2016

As a travel blogger I have seen a lot of unique places in south and north Peru, but I have to say, that the art center Sachaqa and the jungle village San Roque de Cumbaza totally surprised my expectations. I stayed six weeks with Trina and Daniel and I enjoyed each moment. Not only did I had time and space to work on my online-business, it also made me reconnect to my creative and artist potential. During my stay I learned a lot about myself and my “why”. Surrounded by nature I found lots of inspiration for my artworks. Sachaqa made me realize that I am an artists and more specifically I am an illustrator. One day I want to illustrate books and even there is a long path to go, Sachaqa made me feel that I can do it.

Sarah Rosenthal - Sculpture Program

USA - November 2016

After arriving and settling into the beautiful living arrangements on the hill above the high jungle village of San Roque de Cumbaza, we began our individual processes of exploring our environment and planning a piece of artwork. After being introduced to the sculpture trail that runs along the border between the Cordillera Escalera regional conservation area and the village of San Roque, I began planning to create a piece that I hoped might pay homage to this sacred place. 

Throughout this amazing month my sister, the other wonderful residents, and I were able to immerse ourselves in art-making, exploring, healing, and cultural excitement. I found so much pleasure in reading the books that live in the communal kitchen, cooking almost all of my meals with local ingredients, taking daily baths in the nearby river, and laughing about everything with the other residents. We were fortunate enough to experience meet an amazing traditional healer who helped us work through our blocks. Trina and Daniel were there whenever we wanted to explore a new area, take care of a spider, or just to have a chat with. Their honesty, kindness, and passion was very inspiring. I feel very lucky to have had this opportunity and I know it has had a very positive affect on my art practice as well as my personal being.

Carly Rosenthal - Painting Program

USA - November 2016

Sachaqa provided a space for me to explore my art, I am only just beginning artist so the prospect of making art without guidance was a bit daunting for me; but Trina and Daniel helped me to overcome that fear and to take strides towards finding my way of creating. The space was perfect: a small house with a separate studio space to myself. It is secluded enough to allow artists to fully immerse themselves in their art, yet close enough to town for daily trips to the beautiful swimming spot on the river. I can confidently say my month at Sachaqa completely changed me as a person, and my art. I learned to make my own pigments which I feel will set me apart from other artists as I continue my studies. I recommend this experience to any artist who has an open heart and eager mind. Trina and Daniel are the best!!

Carly Rosenthal

Yenting 'Kappa' TSENG 

Performance and Installation- Taiwan- September and October 2016.

I was thinking about how my art can engage to the real life of people at that time. My two months in Sachaqa Centro De Arte was a precious experience, it included the residency within the jungle to the village and traveling around the mystery Peru. During the journey, I observed how varied people lived with the varied nature, toughly and gratefully. They all reminded me what the importance of life is. At Festival Elemento Aire, I felt honor that I had a chance to do something for the villagers whose lives were beautiful and complete without any art from outer world. I realized that I had to make the communication in their way, and that was one of the most priceless lessons I have learned.

Amy Reader

Sculpture Trail  -  USA - August 2016

My adventure to the Peruvian jungle really began about a year before I ever got on the plane. I had been searching for different artist opportunities and stumbled upon a residency in a secluded, mountain village in Peru. The purpose of my residency was to create a site specific installation on “El Mirador,” which is the trail up the mountain next to the arts center. I had been searching for a way to take a break from my day-to-day life and quite literally, run away to the trees. Fast forward one year later, and that is exactly what I did.


When I was hiking the trail that would eventually be the location of my sculpture, I told one of the owners of the arts center that I felt more at home among the mountains and the trees than anywhere else. This has always been true and was what drew me to the jungle. I have always loved being outside and spending quiet time in the woods. Almost every day while I was in Peru I would hike up to the top of the mountain. During this hour long hike, I would plan my day and meditate on the concept of home - which was the inspiration for the sculpture I created. The piece lives on the top of this mountain and I planted flowering vines at the base of it that will continue to grow for years to come.

The piece is named “Mayatataq rishanki? (A donde vas?)” which translates to the phrase “where are you going?” in Quechua and then in Spanish. The Quechua is a reflection on the history of Peru and an acknowledgement of where you/the viewer is from and the Spanish is looking to the future. Leaving Peru, my final thoughts on home where that where you have been is important and you should address it because it will inform where you are going, so the key is to balance reflecting on the past while still looking to the future.

Ana Spencer

Textile artist  -  Australia - April 2016

One month surrounded by nature, beautiful people, good energies and the opportunity to create. Trina and Daniel welcomed me creating a wonderful experience of learning, experimenting and exploring. The setting is all and everything you need, a big space to work, a beautiful homey household far enough from the village to see monkeys in the morning but close enough to wander through down to the river. I learned a lot in the month at Sachaqa, how to make paints and paper from natural sources while also adapting to the pace and ways of jungle life. I would be back in an instant to hang out by the river, collecting pebbles and enjoying the smell of fresh coffee from the chacra. Recommended to anyone and everyone who loves art, nature and good people, all you need really!- Anna Spencer


Thank you again for such a beautiful time,

Elin Haugland - Norway

Painter and filmmaker -  December/ January 2016

It has been a childhood dream for me to visit the Amazon jungle. When I found out about Sachaqa Centro de Arte something inside of me said «yes». In Sachaqa you are living in a pretty isolated place, but you are also connected to the local community of San Roque de Cumbaza Village and you can pretty easily go to Tarapoto if you wish. Here it is just your imagination that limits your possibilities. Trina and Daniel are open minded and supportive if you have questions or ideas or they let you more alone if that is what you need. I went with Daniel and another visiting artist from Canada to learn how to make traditional pottery. This was such a beautiful experience, we visited the expert in her farm and there she taught us how. During my stay I focused on trying out painting with natural pigments and I produced a big painting while there, plus I made a music video that I planned and filmed in the surrounding area. Sachaqa Centro de Arte is a magical place, we made jokes about it while being there; ‘Anything can happen in the jungle.’ I really felt that during my stay, it has definitely changed my view on reality and how I want to live my life.

Adrienne Dagg

Painting and drawing - Toronto - January 2016

My partner and I stayed for a month at Sachaqa Centro De Arte back in January of 2016. It’s absolutely a beautiful place, full of peaceful spaces and room for contemplation. The studio is large and bright, up on top of a hill only a short distance away from town. Making the residency ideal for anyone wanting to relax and be away from distractions. We very much enjoyed our time there. Some of my favorite memories were waking up with the sun, swimming in the village river, working in the open studio and getting to know Trina and Daniel who are lovely. Daniel was always up for an adventure and would happily take us out on hikes into the wilderness whenever we needed to stretch our legs. And we always appreciated Trina's studio visits; introducing us to new herbs and natural pigments from the jungle. They were great hosts and always made sure our needs were looked after. We were even lucky enough to have the opportunity to make pottery with one of the local artisans and had an amazing time learning new and different pottery techniques. We'd recommend this place to anyone and hope to be back some day!

Laura Guisado - Spain

Photographer  -  January 2016

San Ronque de Cumbaza is one of the most beautiful and welcoming places that I have experienced in Peru.   Sachaqa allowed me to be in touch with people and with the magnificent natural surroundings of the high jungle and river Cumbaza. Being there is inspiring and enriching. A very special place in which to develop a project, and, Daniel and Trina, willing to make your experience unforgettable.

Nicola McGarry - Sculpture Trail

Canada - November 2016

A mountain biking trip took me to the sacred valley in Peru. To extend my trip I found the Sachaqa Art Centre, what a treat I was in for. I had just completed my BFA that spring. The beautiful setting of a small town at the end of the road by a special river ended being just what I needed to settle down and listen to the artist I now am. Inspired by the jungle walk up the hill on the sculptural trail to a beautiful view of the valley is what got my creative juices flowing. Interested in letting the natural environment inform my practice I used local materials, carpenters and farmers to help gather and build a viewing structure that I then installed a piece in. Spending the day in view of the valley building my piece brought me closer to my connection with nature. My piece was a reflection of all I felt… to hold the earth and also how held I felt here. It was a rich experience for me to have contact and learn from the locals. Sachaqa Art Centre ended up being a place I healed profoundly and grew as an artist. Trina, Daniel their family, community and the other artists I shared this experience with; Sarah, Carly and Nora, were there every step of the way supporting my growth. I would recommend this to any artist looking for a deep experience. In gratitude.


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