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Artist Testimonials 2023

Instagram: @Sachaqacentrodearte

‘My experience at Sachaqa was very profound and insightful. I was supposed to stay two weeks or one month but I ended up staying two months. I went to Sachaqa with the intention to give myself full space to explore my creativity and continue with a journey that I started while working with master plants, and Sachaqa allowed me to immerse completely in my creative process while living in the beautiful and quiet town of San Roque de Cumbaza. Living surrounded by nature in the peruvian Amazon was key to fully understand and develop my art. With the beauty and consciousness of the plants of the Amazon I connected with a deeper part of myself that allowed me to express all of my vissions, feelings and experiences in the form of watercolor paintings. During this time I was very introspective but still made many friends in the town and the residency, it was lovely to meet and spend time together with other artists and talk about our art and projects. I was also happy to share my work through holistic therapies, cacao ceremonies, and artist talks. I am very grateful for this experience that definitely helped me to develop and ground my artistic identity.’

 ‘During my residency at Sachaqa, things are flowing in a mysterious way. When I was in Otavalo, Ecuador, I went to a waterfall where the Comunidad de Peguche believes it’s a place where the forest and bird contemplate; the cumbaza here in San Roque manifests this energy. The river that I go swimming everyday is hugged by a jungle where seems to hold a portal to another dimension; every time I look at that spot I feel a sense of awe as i am looking into the eyes of a divine creature. Here I’m able to unlearn and relearn how to breathe; sitting on the stone in the middle of the river, the water tickles my feet like a feather, I ride upon the wind, feel the rhythm of my breath aligns with the trajectory of a bird. The myths about mermaid and UFO around the area, the wisdoms and teachings of the master plants, the ícaro/shaman chantings with a vibration that touches my soul, the feather-like whistling that glides me through the stages of life…everything seems like a lucid dream. It was also mind blowing to learn ceramics with the kechua-lamista artists. It was beautiful to just be there to witness them making the pieces. It was one of the most enchanting rituals.’

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‘I arrived in Sachaqa at a moment in my life when I was studying classical art - observational drawing and painting. In Sachaqa I found myself in a space where the walls were the trees, the lights were the fireflies and stars, and the ground was full of both leaves and ants. The sounds from sunset to the sunrise was the song of the cicada insect. The general ambient of the little nest Trina build up by the hands of local people, has a uniqueness which makes this art residency a must for any artist that needs a great and refreshing time out of any structural habits — a moment in a life, not just the artistic one, to zone out and to embrace nature as it shows up (from the most beautiful sides to the most intense ones!)
I was able to find new ways of working especially being so surrounded by a raw way of making art. The results are still influencing my work in the best way — and even more than I could imagine!
The beautiful proximity we had to between 2 to 4 artists living at the center was also beautiful to get deeper in our exchanges. I will forever remember the long, funny and sensitive conversations we had in the kitchen with Cloé, Fiona, Aysen, and I, while cooking fresh food from local ingredients we purchased in the village. I still think today how this kitchen had a kind of magic, and it’s probably because of all the great conversations and exchanges, pass under this roof… and by the good food cooked there!
At the end of my stay, perfectly landing on the night of the new moon. Trina organized a wonderful event at the center inviting the friends of the artistic community living around San Roque/Tarapoto, everyone participated, playing music, we drank cacao, danced around the fire. The simplicity of this energy, a night which will stay forever in my heart and in my purest memories of this time passed in Sachaqa. ‘

The first two photos were taken during an exhibition in Tarapoto city where Julie was a life drawing model @clandestino.cocinaind and the next three were part of a group exhibition in the home of artist @ale_wendorff

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@nollet_fiona - September 2023.

‘My start in Sachaqa was unplanned and happened by chance during my South America journey. Fortunately, there was a spot available, allowing my adventure to commence. It was an extraordinary experience, especially after studying at the art academy in Belgium for four years, where continuous pressure and competition were prevalent. In Sachaqa, I could look at my work in a completely different environment. The tranquility there almost compelled me to focus entirely on my own work.

Trina played a fantastic role; we could talk for hours about art and various other topics. The balance between feeling at home in the village and having the space to immerse myself in my art was beautiful. Besides the spacious studio, I was also introduced to new art forms and techniques, such as observing the traditional process from clay to pottery. Together with Trina, I collected pigments to create my own paint.

To be honest, the art stores in Tarapoto are limited, but this posed a challenge in my work, leading to new discoveries. In Sachaqa, I experienced a month filled with ups and downs, surrounded by wonderful people and gaining new insights into my work. As the cherry on top, I had the opportunity to hold a small exhibition in a restaurant in Tarapoto, thanks to Trina's efforts and organization. It made me feel highly appreciated and was a special experience. The evening brought people together to draw and share their love for art.
That for me is also what Sachaqa stood for, a retreat where art enthusiasts meet, craving a quiet space to let their creativity flow.’

Gracias 🙏 @clandestino.cocinaind

‘For many years, I had a longing to go to the jungle and lose myself in the deep greenery. My wish came true this February, and I stayed in @sachaqacentrodearte for two and a half weeks. I only wish I could have stayed longer. Trina was not only a wonderful host but also a colleague artist with whom I shared profound conversations about art and life. She made sure that I had all the resources needed for my artistic explorations.
I’ve spent some time with Sara, a fellow artist in residence, hiking and wandering through the villages, taking analogue photos, and talking with the local women who work with textile. I was touched by the warmth of the local people, who embraced me as if I were one of their own. As well, I took the paper workshop at Papel Ecologico in Chazuta, developed the concept for my handmade artist book, and held an artist talk at @ecoaldeasperu with other talented local artists.
As a result of my artist residency in Sachaqa Centro de Arte, in my hometown of Split (Croatia) in July, I had a solo show "In the Deep Greenery in @kinoklubsplit with my analogue photos and poetry about the jungle.
Many thanks to Patrona, the women's textile association in Chunchiwi, women from the Papel Ecologico in Chazuta, @trinity_brahman@inesamalia and @la.cuadernera@teriteitara@sandrogranda@alma.libre.11, and all the beautiful souls I’ve met during my stay in San Roque de Cumbaza. ‘

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