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Artist testimonials - 2019

Alex Rudd - Visionary artist

USA - October 2019

My time at Sachaqa Centro de Arte was nothing less than special. It’s tucked away in the Jungle mountains in a small village, named San Roque de Cumbaza. The village is about forty minutes outside of Tarapoto, just far enough to feel like you're really secluded. This village has such unique magic to it, with the river running through it, warm friendly faces everywhere you look, and murals bringing the houses and markets to life. Sachaqa is about a five minute walk up the hill from town and is engulfed with the jungle and all of its glory. I had the pleasure of staying in the beautiful, cozy and quaint bungalow that has its own kitchen, dining space and a bedroom upstairs. This space really allowed me to get into deep places and acted as a retreat space for me to tune into myself. Just fifty feet up from the bungalow is the studio space, a lovely open-air and spacious studio that provided me with everything I needed to dive deep into my practice. The highlights of my experience at Sachaqa include: being away from all the distractions of modernity and diving deep into myself and my practice. Getting to connect with other amazing people and Artists from around the world. The adventures through the jungle to see waterfalls, the magical nature and all of the endless inspiration that fills it. The opportunity to go to a nearby town, Lamas and meet some of the locals and learn how to make pigments. And lastly the exhibition at the end of my time there with the rest of the residents. Trina has truly created a little haven for Artist to step outside their comfort zone and tradition and step into a new world filled with possibilities, connection, inspiration, creativity and healing. It was an experience I will never forget.

Instagram @alexruddart

Eva Bakkeslett - Ceramics Program and photographer

Norway - October 2019

I spent three weeks at Sachaqa on the clay program. 

I had an amazing time at this beautiful residency, on the edge of the jungle overlooking the very pretty and genuine village of San Roque de Cumbaza. The latter means the powerful and omnipresent river that is forming the landscape of the valley. I spent a lot of time on the riverbed, observing, painting or swimming. Truly magical! 


Sachaqa has a great setup with ample but simple accommodation in adobe buildings, an atmospheric common kitchen with space to hang, cook and chat and a spacious studio. It is a great space for creativity and contemplation, steeped in the buzzing jungle with all its weird and unfamiliar noises and movements. 


Trina, who runs Sachaqa, has been in the village for many years and has a fantastic network of wonderful Kechwa potters and weavers that I am truly grateful for having had the opportunity to spend time with. A bunch of beautiful, capable and welcoming women! I loved the simplicity of using the local clay and shintu-firing the pots the native way on an open fire. I also had the opportunity to spend a couple of days in Chazuta, an amazing village a couple of hours away from the centre, known for its pottery traditions. I worked there with a potters collective and also met a wonderful family of organic farmers that fed me incredible homemade dishes from their outside kitchen. We exchanged our passion for organic farming and our shared enthusiasm made my very limited Spanish surprisingly sufficient!


Trina helped organise an exhibition of the work from us four artists that were there during my stay. We had a lovely bonfire, the guests brought fruits to share and we celebrated under the Amazon stars. 


The nearby town of Tarapoto is reached by Moto taxi and has a few great cafes to explore and do your wifi needs. I really loved the market where you can find everything you need. People are so friendly and welcoming!


My time at Sachaqua was truly transformative and I am so inspired to bring my new discoveries of Kechwa pottery into my artwork with local clay back in Norway.


Thank you Trina who made this possible. I will be back!


Laura Macdonald - writer

Australia/living in Peru - November 2019

What a fabulous journey I had at Sachaqa. It is a magical place set amidst the vibrating, pulsating jungle. It inspired me to finish a long-standing project, as I was able to go deep into my creative process and felt utterly supported along the way. Thanks to everyone there, including the gorgeous animals. I will be back! Especially for Santos and Segundas chocolates with mahambo.

Gracias x Laura Macdonald, Australia

Laura and Laura


Catherine Phillips - writer

Canada - March 2019
My recent experience at Sachaqa Centro De Arte was incredibly rewarding. As a writer, I was given the space and time to work without distraction in my own little home in the jungle.

Located in the village of San Roque De Cumbaza, the residence was a peaceful and supportive place for me to dive into my work over the course of a month. I was inspired by other artists at the residency, walks to the River Cumbaza, and visits to the Quechua Lamista community, Chunchiwi.

Surrounded by nature, I was given the opportunity to challenge myself and my writing in ways that would not otherwise have been possible – an experience I believe any artist would benefit from.


Giulia Violanti - Painting Program

Italy -  August  2019

I spent the month of August 2019 in Sachaqua and I loved it. I’m a graphic designer from Italy, currently focused on printmaking, graphics arts and on a project related to natural pigments. 

Natural pigments are the reason why I decided to come in Perù and Sachaqua gives me more than that. During the artist residency, I got in touch with new people from all around the world, got new insights and had time to experiment with natural pigments in a contest connected with mother nature. I worked in the shared lab, I visited an indigenous village close to the residency, I hiked till an amazing waterfall, I tried super tasty food from local people, I created personal bowls following their traditional rules, I learned specific tricks related to natural pigments..and so on!

The experience was really awesome thanks to the atmosphere created by the landscape surrounding us.

Trina was very helpful from first contact.  She has a strong passion for nature and art and really wanted to reach out and help me in my planning. I felt She was a powerful person able to inspire people around her about an energetic word connected to nature.

The residency is beautiful and has a natural tranquillity to the whole space, I felt very safe and taken care of.

I am so grateful for my time spent in Sachaqua."


photos: IG@Leticia.ruth.borrego


JD Munn - illustration 

Colorado  - July  2019

Sachaqa Centro De Arte is a small enclave surrounded by forest just minutes outside of San Roque. In the village, you’ll find friendly locals who showed me nothing but hospitality. Trina the owner of the residency does her best to do the same. The living quarters are very cool. They have all the necessary basics like electricity and gas, but are built in more of a traditional Amazonian style. Trina, as an artist herself, offers a lot to help you develop as an artist. Between finding you venues for your shows to making your flyers, she does an awesome job at giving everything you need for a successful residency. A few things to keep in mind though is you are in the jungle, communing closely with nature - 24/7. It can be challenging at first. But it quickly became very therapeutic and revitalizing for me, after the first week of acclimation. Beautiful nature hikes within walking distance are a plenty. Be sure to also take advantage of the excursions unique to the area, like natural pigment foraging and chocolate making. Overall, I had a great residency and would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in Peru and the Amazon.  

unnamed (3).jpg

Casey Fox - mixed media artist

CANADA  - February  2019

I first met Trina fifteen years ago, when we were roommates at the Cyprus College of art.  We shared a golden year full of creativity and adventure. When we left Cyprus I went in search of another residency with a similar feeling, Trina created her own. Sachaqa is a place like no other I have ever been to. Welcoming, emerged in nature, removed from the stresses of modernity, a breeding ground for creativity and healing. Sachaqa and the artist who visit have transformed the village of San Roque into an art experience in its own right. Murals inspired by the setting are in abundance, each new turn relives another beautiful work of art by another artist. Bring with you an open mind, the tools and supplies you need for your creative work, Trina, Sachaqa, San Rogue and the jungle will provide you with a slow pace conducive to creativity, inspiration, clarity, space, acceptance, healing, resourcefulness and connection. 

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