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What is an Artist Residency?

An opportunity to disconnect from life's distractions and really focus on your creative process.  You can be isolated in our private house or share living space with other artists.  Being around like-minded artists that can understand a deeply creative process.  Can often be life-changing, creating deep friendships that last a lifetime.   This is an opportunity to share ideas, heal, inspire and work through ideas, in a Peruvian Amazonian setting. 

There are two options for artists staying at Sachaqa one is to share facilities with other artists you will have your own room.  We also have a private house, both options have a dry compost toilet.  


Communal House

Basic Program 2023: one month 1600soles 450USD - two weeks 1000soles 280USD 
Basic Program 2024: one month 1800soles 550USD - two weeks 1280 soles 350USD

Private Ecological House 

2023 Basic program: $550 American Dollars. Two weeks: $350USD 

2024 our prices increase to $650 American Dollars. Two weeks: $400USD 

We provide:

  •  Creative space with a desk or an easel.

  •  Kitchen with a gas stove and a fridge. 

  •  Shared bathroom with compost toilets and shower.

  •  Bedroom with sheets and mosquito net, no towel please bring your own.

  •  Exhibition at the end of your stay.

  • Online promotion through our online platforms: Art-ticles With Sachaqa - Blog and Sachaqa Talk Podbean - Podcast


You will be staying in basic but comfortable accommodation, within close walking distance of the studio.


The art center is based five minutes from the village center there is a  walk uphill as we live in the mountain and the public path can be muddy when it rains so you will need to bring your boots. 


The local people in San Roque live a very simple and self-sustainable lifestyle, it is an honor and a privilege to be part of this village family and receive from their knowledge, innocence, warmth, and laughter.


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