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Music Program

Write and produce a live concert and record your song


During this one month program you will be moving in between the village of San Roque De Cumbaza and the city of Tarapoto, a 40-minute drive.

You will be working with the ‘EBC’ school of music in Tarapoto, who invite Sachaqa to take part in a cultural exchange program, where artists can share knowledge of music with local students.   In exchange, artists can spent time with musical students and teachers developing songs and musical arrangements.



  • Meet Nassu Bowe - who will explain the process of composing, producing and recording your own song professionally, he will talk about the different opportunities to work with other musicians in order to realize your own gig or jam session.  

  • Time to develop your ideas at Sachaqa Centro de Arte.

  • Meet the musicians you will be working with, have a rehearsal and find a suitable venue in Tarapoto to preform your music.

  • Time to develop your ideas at the Sachaqa Centro de Arte.

  • Work with the students at EBC school of music in a cultural exchange opportunity, a chance to share with the students your musical knowledge and ideas.

  • Meet the musicians once again to develop your concert

  • Concert at a venue in Tarapoto

  • Record your song.














Nassu Bowe – a Composer and producer born in Tarapoto.  A vocalist, songwriter and lead guitarist of a Latin Indie band called “Supremacia Terrenal.” 

Bowe spent several years in Spain at the age of 17, where he had the opportunity to develop his technique and own creative style.  In Spain, he realized over 200 shows in the most notorious concert halls in Madrid and all over the country.  Also in 2011 he performed a show at the ‘El Genaina’ Theater in Cairo, Egypt.

Bowe mostly composes using the acoustic and electric guitar, piano and bass.  Having a Latin-American background, he is able to create original music with a fresh style, producing a wide mix of music from Latin fusion, rock-pop, electronica, acoustic and ambiance to a sonic palette of eclectic instrumentals.

Bowe also composes music for film and TV scoring, and is always interested to meet English-speaking singers to consider co-writing with him.

Amazon Fire Music - is an independently owned music publishing company working worldwide. They believe in the unique power of music and its significant impact on the quality and engagement of a production.  The organization is both proud to represent a palette of handpicked songwriters and recording artists from all around the world and keen to identify hidden gems in many genres, providing personalized support to help songwriters and recording artists find greater success in a rapidly-changing music and media landscape.  If you need authentic shaman chants or tribal music, we can provide it for you.  We are connecting music worldwide. All our music is pre-cleared for immediate usage in movie, TV shows, commercials, video games and ringtones.

PRICE: 2500 soles - month programme

Includes: accommodation and all programme activities.

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