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Exhibitions and events 2021-22

Our exhibitions are crafted to cater to your unique vision. Whether you wish to showcase paintings, creative installations, musical compositions, or any other artistic expression, we provide a supportive environment tailored to your needs. Our goal is to bring your creative journey to life, offering flexibility and encouragement every step of the way.

'Sachaqa Live' events were  unique one-off gatherings initiated post-pandemic. They aimed to bridge the gap between art, culture, and community after physical distancing measures. Sachaqa Live events not only provided entertainment but also fostered a sense of connection and creativity during a time of global isolation.

A very special Christmas edition,

A special thank you to @sacha.italia for the cooking artistry, Saxophone @ingarothammel, Photos @yummmmmao 


@afrikanherbman Ras Herbman from Venezuela

@paukar_macho from Lima

@audio.soul.d from Lamas

@deedolech from Tarapoto

@black.piero from Tarapoto

@leilanoa_ from Venezuela

The idea of this event was for every woman to share their knowledge such as; a ceremony, a way to heal etc. so that together the woman can find strength. 

An exhibition  of the primitive ceramic firing process 'Shuntu firing' by French artist @jeanneefrancis. Exhibition of ceramic works and art installation by artist from Chille @ar.art__. DJs from Slovenia @marija_dordeska and DJ Office

Italian artist Antonella spoke of her installation art and ceramic project made during her residency.  Zlati Spasova from Bulgaria spoke of her mural painted with naturally sourced  pigments. The image is of ‘Pachamama’ Mother Earth.

Open studio with ecological artists - 2022-
IG; @pepe_atocha @dreacollage

Pepe, a resident staying at Sachaqa for six months, will be moving on to France at the end of the month. Originally from Lima working with a creative type of photography, without a camera. Collaging dried leaves and transparent objects on photographic paper then using a natural light source to create unique magical spirit beings. In this event he is offering a ‘photogram’ course where we can see his experimentations with silhouettes, photographic paper and fire light. Dréa, our third resident from abroad, after two years of covid. From Quebec and also a collage artist, experiments making her own paper using natural materials collected in nature. On Saturday we can learn how to make paper from rotten-wood mushrooms.

@paukar_macho is a DJ from Lima and is a musician living in San Roque. He has a band called @sanrocksjamband and also mixes music with vinyl records and electro music on his laptop. Also an event organiser @ishingosfest