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Sachaqa Talk - conversations with Peruvian Artists - 

An opportunity to enter the world of some of the finest and most talented Peruvian contemporary artists.

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Mathias Michelsen - Spanish

Trina Brammah - translated English subtitles: SETTINGS- SUBTITLES


Artist Miguel Vilca Vargas

Talks about his detailed drawings inspired by the Amazon Rainforest - Pucallpa.

Full interview translated into English:

Art-Icles with Sachaqa


The recurrence of the female figure in your meticulous drawings catches our attention. Can you tell us a little about what these Amazonian women represent and what are the stories behind them?

The feminine element in my work normally acts as an accomplice, a witness, a person who becomes part of a story, or just an observer of an act or a situation, that I try to narrate. The majority of my work talks about my interpretation of different religious and social aspects, also different aspects related to Amazon life.


Artist Fredy Tuanama Guerra

Enjoy this interview which offers a rare and wonderful insight into an emerging movement in art, brought to you from the Amazon rainforest, Peru.

When did you discover the Shipibo ayahuasca patterns and introduce them into your work? 

The work I am doing now is a process of experimentation with the indigenous Shipibo iconography.  Which is something that caught my attention when I was studying as some of my classmates were native Shipibo.  I was very curious to talk with them, to see the designs they were creating, and hear explications of their work.  Learn about their experiences and knowledge, to see the great value of ancestral iconography.  To look for something that would help me in my art and I was now having a more clear idea.  Close to my small village a few kilometers away it was really common to see indigenous people with their artisan crafts and traditional clothing.  So perhaps it was recorded in my subconscious of seeing these images and when I was discovering more about Shipibo iconography in Pucallpa with friends who were Shipibo, this theme came back to me.

Interview with Peruvian Amazonian artist Lobsang Meléndez Ahuanari

Full interview translated into English:

Art-Icles with Sachaqa


What is your relationship or how do you relate to that spiritual world that you speak of or represent in your work?

In a certain way, I believe that all human beings that inhabit this world, are spiritual people. But the programs we receive in our childhood, in our education, through our parents, society, religion, the news, and media.  All play a small contribution in blocking our human essence, the truth of what we are. I believe, or I like to believe, that we are a vehicle. This body is a vehicle we occupy for a short time in this earthly world, to experience everything we need to evolve, as human beings. It’s a great experience to be here and there is no need to experiment in the spiritual world from my perception because everything is here.

A fundamental part of our human experience is to realize, why we are here? what is our mission? What are we here to learn? To reach this point of understanding and realize it. There is a very beautiful phrase that says ‘look for god and you will meet oneself, have faith and we will move the world.’

Conversations with Sachaqa Artists - 

World artists talking about their creative process and experience staying at Sachaqa Centro De Arte.

PART 1 - Canadian Painter Erin Loree

Erin Loree reflects back on her collection of paintings made in 2012, where her work was just beginning to move away from the figurative and into a more expressionistic style. Learn about the challenges and joys of working on a very large scale canvas at a whopping 108x180 inches. Delve deep into the creative process of a very sensitive, talented and dedicated artist.

PART 2 - Canadian Painter Erin Loree

In PART 2 Erin speaks about her personal experience with Amazon Rainforest plant medicine and life-changing, healing experience - at healing center Dos Mundos. Erin describes how she has found healing through art and we are invited into her personal color theory.

PART 1 -Elin Glærum Haugland - Norwegian Visual Artist

The first part of Elin’s story, where she talks about her grandfather ‘Knut Magne Haugland’ who accompanied Thor Heyerdahl on his famous Kon-Tiki expedition in 1947. We also discuss Elin’s own traveling spirit and how her worldview was influenced by her research into indigenous belief systems.

PART 2 - Elin Glærum Haugland - Norwegian Visual Artist

The second part of Elin’s story where she talks about her video work. Where the language of movement and painting the body - express a collection of ideas and feelings. We also discuss - her abstract painting style where complex emotions play a key factor. The struggle as a painter to delve deep inside the internal world can be such a painful journey. Welcome to the world of a very sensitive and talented artist.

IngraTorStudios/ Artist Residence Off-Grid Dartmoor, England

Learn about Artists Lily Waugh - Weaver and natural dyer and Toby Aisbitt - Poet and woodworker. Talking about an artist in residence opportunity in Dartmoor, Devon. Inspired by a trip to Sachaqa Centro De Arte they have created their own residency, offering artists studio space in nature, off-grid living in the English countryside. IG: Lily Aisbitt-Waugh Ingra Tor Studios

Joint interview British Visionary Artists - Laura Matthews and Trina Brammah


Trina and Laura are visionary painters and have inspired each other on many levels. Trina talks more in-depth about the natural pigments and their spiritual significance, to collect and find her own colors. Both artists describe how the language of dreams, visions and a spiritual quest manifests on the canvas.

Actress Roslin Real

Roslin Real an LA-based actress, in this podcast, discusses - her experience during an artist residency at Sachaqa Centro De Arte, Peru. An indigenous 8-day festival called ‘Festival Patrona’ in the jungle village of San Roque De Cumbaza. An amazing transformative three-month encounter with a jungle plant medicine healer and her new documentary - focusing on indigenous plant healings with master Don Pepes at Centro Dos Mundos.

IG- RoslinReal

Painter/ Photographer - Falco Croata

Artist interview with Falco Croata. Falco is an amazing artist and was helping to run the art center for three months Dec 2019 - Feb 2020. Our conversations are always magical even though we have never met in person. In this interview, you can really get a glimpse into Falco’s creative world and gypsy lifestyle that relies on the generosity of the Universe. IG: falcoartist

Julie Kim Seattle Painter

First up Julie Kim from Seattle talking about her experience with natural pigments and plant medicine. 🙏

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