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Sachaqa Talk - conversations with Peruvian Artists - 

Mathias Michelsen interviews a selection of some of our greatest Peruvian artists.  Find out more about Amazonian culture and Peruvian life.  A true adventure,  journeying through the creative world of the artist.  

Trina Brammah - translated English subtitles: SETTINGS- SUBTITLES

Artist Miguel Vilca Vargas

Talks about his detailed drawings inspired by the Amazon Rainforest - Pucallpa.

Trina Brammah - translated English subtitles: SETTINGS- SUBTITLES

COMING SOON - Interview with Fredy Tuanama Guerra


Sachaqa Talk - Conversations with Sachaqa Artists - 

World artists talking about their creative process and experience staying at Sachaqa Centro De Arte.

PART 1 - Canadian Painter Erin Loree

Erin Loree reflects back on her collection of paintings made in 2012, where her work was just beginning to move away from the figurative and into a more expressionistic style. Learn about the challenges and joys of working on a very large scale canvas at a whopping 108x180 inches. Delve deep into the creative process of a very sensitive, talented and dedicated artist.

PART 2 - Canadian Painter Erin Loree

In PART 2 Erin speaks about her personal experience with Amazon Rainforest plant medicine and life-changing, healing experience - at healing center Dos Mundos. Erin describes how she has found healing through art and we are invited into her personal color theory.

PART 1 -Elin Glærum Haugland - Norwegian Visual Artist

The first part of Elin’s story, where she talks about her grandfather ‘Knut Magne Haugland’ who accompanied Thor Heyerdahl on his famous Kon-Tiki expedition in 1947. We also discuss Elin’s own traveling spirit and how her world view was influenced by her research into indigenous belief systems.

PART 2 - Elin Glærum Haugland - Norwegian Visual Artist

The second part of Elin’s story where she talks about her video work. Where the language of movement and painting the body - express a collection of ideas and feelings. We also discuss - her abstract painting style where complex emotions play a key factor. The struggle as a painter to delve deep inside the internal world, which can be such a painful journey. Welcome to the world of a very sensitive and talented artist.

IngraTorStudios/ Artist Residence Off-Grid Dartmoor, England

Learn about Artists Lily Waugh - Weaver and natural dyer and Toby Aisbitt - Poet and woodworker. Talking about an artist in residence opportunity in Dartmoor, Devon. Inspired by a trip to Sachaqa Centro De Arte they have created their own residency, offering artists studio space in nature, off-grid living in the English countryside. www.ingratorstudios.co.uk IG: Lily Aisbitt-Waugh Ingra Tor Studios

Joint interview British Visionary Artists - Laura Matthews and Trina Brammah

Trina and Laura are visionary painters and have inspired each other on many levels. Trina talks more in-depth about the natural pigments and their spiritual significance, to collect and find her own colors. Both artists describe how the language of dreams, visions and a spiritual quest manifests on the canvas.

Actress Roslin Real

Roslin Real an LA based actress, in this podcast she discusses - her experience during an artist residency at Sachaqa Centro De Arte, Peru. An indigenous 8-day festival called ‘Festival Patrona’ in the jungle village of San Roque De Cumbaza. An amazing transformative three-month encounter with a jungle plant medicine healer and her new documentary - focusing on indigenous plant healings with master Don Pepes at Centro Dos Mundos.

IG- RoslinReal

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Painter/ Photographer - Falco Croata

Artist interview with Falco Croata. Falco is an amazing artist and was helping to run the art center for three months Dec 2019 - Feb 2020. Our conversations are always magical even though we have never met in person. In this interview you can really get a glimpse into Falco’s creative world and gypsy lifestyle that relies on the generosity of the Universe. IG: falcoartist

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Julie Kim Seattle Painter

First up Julie Kim from Seattle talking about her experience with natural pigments and plant medicine. 🙏

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