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OBSERVATORY / Jose Carlos Rivera - USA

Exhibitions and Events

Periodically we conduct cultural arts events in partnership with various organizations, and local institutions, thus creating a cultural platform which is shared and lived by merging creativity styles and artforms in all its expressions.

We also offer individual or group exhibitions for our residents, typically near the end of their stay here. These events can be arranged in one of a number of small venues in Tarapoto, San Roque or Lamas.

Daniel Lerner was the coordinator for the majority of our events and festivals.

Art-icles with Sachaqa - If artists would like to create a blog post about their art and experience, instead of an exhibition this is a great way to share your work with a wider audience.

Exhibitions 2018 -19

Festival Patrona 2017

Festival Patrona happens every year at the end of July here is a basic framework of the festival which happened - July 23rd – 31st - 2017  

Mayker Sinarahua Amasifuen – Yurimaguas

Sose Silva – Pucallpa

Sergio Rey – Lima

Watsildi Lopez Cachique – Sauce

Diego Capuena Huaman –Tarapoto

Jose Carlos Rvera - USA

Eileen Ryan - USA


Festivals: Elements - 2015-16

4 festivals in the village of San Roque De Cumbaza, which were inspired by the elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Nanao Tsukuda - Japan

Kappa Tseng Yen-Ting - Taiwan

Helena Hugo - South Africa

Sergio Cordeiro - Brazil

Jessica Patrick - Austrailia

Amy Reader - USA

Miguel Correa - Peru

Kike Flores Diaz - Peru

Nassu Bowe, Moises Bowe, David Cromwell and Band - Peru

Tracie Stanley Wills - UK

Kike Flores Diaz- Peru

Diego Capuena Huaman - Peru

Alia Shahab - Canada

Marco Medina - Cusco Peru

Anu-LauraTuttelberg  - Estonia


Exhibitions 2015

'Dormant Curiosity' September - Suchiche Cafe Cultural, Tarapoto.

Maisie McNeice - UK

Madaline Rhodes - USA


'Colores De La Tierra' September - Suchiche Cafe Cultural, Tarapoto.

Sofia Toribio - Argentina

'Paseo Por Luz y Sombra' July -

Cafe Cultural Suchiche, Tarapoto.

Jono Walker - USA

'Slowed/Tranquilo' April 

Casa De Palos, Tarapoto.

Leslie Rollins - USA

'Puente' March - Exhibition in 'La Chacra' San Roque De Cumbaza

Maura Amadea - Canada

'Sueños De La Selva' March -Exhibition in 'La Chacra'

Anne Zwiener 

exhibition taapoto

Inter - Cultura - 2014

An event which involved various activities such as - Live art 'Murals' - gastronomy and products fair - Live music including Pandilla traditional music and group of young local singers - San Roquean dancers from the school of Aucaloma and more.

Emma Lucy Shaw - UK

Marco Medina - Cusco Peru

Muralizacion Nacional - group of street artists Tarapoto

Elin Haugland - Norway

Trina Lerner Brammah - UK-Peru

Sergio Rey Sun Han - Lima Peru 

Alia Shahab - Canada

Abreih Mendoza Plazer - young talent Peru



Lamas Sin Fronteras 2010 -15

3 events which were inspired by Sam and Suzanne directed an association of art in England called; 

Rednileprojects /

A research project called 'Transporter ' which was funded by the British Arts Council England. In collaboration with Sachaqa, the artists shared their knowledge and in turn, learned skills from the Amazonian Peruvian Artisans and culture. 

Jaime Miranda Bambaren - Lima

Sam Taylor -UK

Samantha Hutton - UK

Tina Stefanou - Australia

Gareth Bunting - UK

Muralizacion National



Exhibitions 2014

December ' La Chacra'

Eve Lyman - USA

'Fiesta De Arte' November 

La Chacra and part of Amazon Race

Ella Deburca - Ireland

Anthony Augustus - Ireland

Sean Mclaughlin - USA

Toby Alsbit - UK

Lily Waugh - UK

'CODIGO'Exhibition in 'La Chacra' September 

Natasha Mistry - UK

Emma Stern - USA

Shelby Crisco - USA

Martha Werzelbacher - USA

'Mural ¨El Guardián de Toroyacu' August 

Muralizacion Nacional : Orín, Cromwell + Diego Capuena

'Con-Ciencia' August Tarapoto

Shelby Prindaville - USA

puppet theater .jpg

Art-icles with Sachaqa Blog

Julie Kim - make water-colour paint with naturally found pigments.

Mark Xuereb – experience of the Ceramics Program


Mathilda Dujardin – ‘Who worked, the weaver or the weaving?’

Javier Quintana –  audiovisual and photography 

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