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Exhibitions 2014

Exhibition-Eve Lyman


Exhibition in ' La Chacra' 

Fiesta De Arte

November 2014

Exhibition in 'La Chacra' and part of 'Amazon Race'


Exhibition in 'La Chacra' September 2014

Natasha Mistry - UK

Emma Stern - New York

Shelby Crisco - Florida

Martha Werzelbacher - Oregon

Trina Lerner Brammah-UK/Peru

Mural ¨El Guardián

de Toroyacu¨ 

August 2014

Gracias Muralizacion Nacional : Orín, Cromwell y Diego Capuena.

Shelby Prindaville

August 2014

I am interested in the human role in shaping an ecological balance and create images centered on the beautiful fragility and resilience of the natural world. My artwork’s focus is firmly rooted in both my professional and personal life. The passion that I have in preserving our biosphere and its flora and fauna has motivated me to try to use a wide variety of mediums and approaches in connecting with the public. My paintings, drawings, and figurative and interactive sculptures literally as well as symbolically accentuate delicacy and impermanence through their vulnerable mediums.

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