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Festival Patrona happens every year at the end of July here is a basic framework of the festival which happened - July 23rd – 31st - 2017                

General Framework

Ojo Amazónico is a cultural platform that seeks to generate spaces in which to develop awareness, understanding and reflection of the reality of our Amazon. This framework will foster an open space that will allow the articulation of networks of sustainable experiences in harmony with our environment.


• Preserve Amazonian traditional customs.
 • Strengthen intercultural relations between the Amazon and different regions of Peru.
  • Create a working platform for different sectors and organizations, related to the Amazon.
• Promoting youth participation in planned activities.
• Generate exhibition spaces and commercialization of locally produced goods.

Our cultural activities

Jungle Movies


• Strengthen intercultural relations between the Amazon and the different regions of the country

• Promote an Amazonian conscience through films and documentaries and a link with the reality that is lived in the jungle

• Create a space for reflection of the reality in different parts of  the jungle

Public art murals

Objective: Through mural art, create awareness and share folklore Amazonian stories in public places.

The participating artists will have to penetrate with the culture and the Amazonian folklore in order to be able to express it in their strokes and colors.

The theme to be developed is: Culture and traditions - freedom and creativity.

Typical music


Our typical jungle music creates a rhythm so contagious and joyful that you do not need a vocalist, the simple fact of listening to that mix of sounds made using handmade instruments is really lovely.  To see the joy and pride of our local people dancing to  this Rhythm, gives us no excuse to be sad.   The jungle is the perfect refuge for those who want to enjoy local festivities, especially in the Patron Saint.



Within the program of the patron's party, a musical hand-to-hand between various bands of typical music will unleash a collective euphoria among the public, unleashing a joyful and spontaneous gang dance, jumping and other joyful and contagious movements .


Day 1

Sunday 23rd

  • Pilgrimage with Saint San Roque from the community of Chiricyacu to San Roque de Cumbaza.

  • Mass on behalf of the San Roque de Cumbaza patron

  • Cultural platform OJO AMAZONICO:  regional, national and foreign artists that form part of different cultural artistic activities.

  1. Public Art-Murals

  2. Cinema of the Jungle: Local film makers.  Presentation of films and audio-visuals with real and  current themes in our Amazon.
















Day 2

Monday 24th

  • Preparation of chicha and traditional platáneo dishes prepared by the ‘cabezonia’ team of festival volunteers.  The food will be shared within the community. 

  • Cinema of the Jungle:  films created in San Roque by the ex-residents of Sachaqa Centro de Arte












Day 3

Tuesday 25th

  • Preparation of Tortillas dishes prepared by the ‘Cabezonia’ team of volunteers.  The food will be shared within the community. 

  • Cinema of the Jungle: Local san Roque film maker Javier Quintana


Day 4

Wednesday 26th

  • Typical music beginning at 6am musicians will parade the streets.

  • Presentation of community tourism development in our district.  Basic organizations (COGETUR), private operators (Situlli, Eco villages Peru, Sacharuna Adventure, Chirapa Manta, etc).

  • Start of gastronomic fair: Mikuna San Roquina where people can buy food, various local dishes.

  • Typical music into the night


Thursday 27th

  • Gastronomic fair: Mikuna San Roquina, where people can buy food, various local dishes.

  • Tour of torches local children parade the streets with homemade lanterns, prises for the best-

  • Amazon fashion show with local youths

  • Typical music playing into the night.















Day 6

Friday 28th


  • Fire works

  • Pared of local government in the plaza

  • Formal sitting in the local government building

  • Amazónic fair – a chance to buy local products

  • Football competition - Youth soccer


  • Lifting of balloons, lighting up the sky.

  • Dance party – Cumbia band


Day 7

Saturday 29th

  • Marathon by the ancestral route: Chirapa-San Roque de Cumbaza

  • Women's Soccer

  • Typical music playing into the night.


Day 8

Sunday 30th

  • Gastronomic fair: Mikuna San Roquina.

  • Exhibition – artists Sachaqa Centro De Arte and local

  • Chacareros Games

  • Lifting of balloons.

  • Gang War-Typical Music various bands













OBSERVATORY / Jose Carlos Rvera
Installation on the ruins of an old bridge over the Cumbaza river, Peruvian Amazon. Wood from the broken bridge, pretina ( local weaving used to carry goods ), handmade yute rope.
Escape-Space for the memory, experience and exceed the real limits and its boarders. Behold an ephemeral element, recycled from its own ruin. A toy towards thought, a moment of childhood beauty, a flash. A life in movement. 
*The original installation was destroyed when a local man walked out during the night to the center of the decomposing bridge in order to retrieve the weaving’s.


Day 9

Monday 31st

  • End of festival

  • Duck tipina –where various gifts hang from a high line, where chichi and flour falls on the people.

  • Delivery of the vote followed by the dance party

  • Parade with the whole festival where the organizers pass on the festival to another family for the next year.

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