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Festivals Lamas Sin Fronteras - 2010 - 2015

Lamas Sin Fronteras 3

February 2015


(Lamas without borders) was a day event celebrating the traditional native culture combined with contemporary art through: food, cinema, exhibitions, live demonstrations, theater, music and dance.

The theme of the festival was : Mythical Amazon Creatures


Lamas Sin Fronteras 2

April 2014

Event that celebrated the traditions of the indigenous community of Waycu in Lamas, in contrast with a mixture of contemporary artists from the UK and Australia and a group of muralists called ‘Muralizacion,’  a group of artists from Tarapoto city who create thought provoking murals around the city and local villages.


Lamas Sin Fronteras 

November 2011


Event that celebrated the traditions of Lamas, combined with a mixture of contemporary artists from different parts of the world, through exhibitions, live shows by local artists, Amazonian film, music, yoga, sculpture, photography and dance. The event was organized through Sachaqa with Suzanne Hutton and Sam Taylor (UK) thanks to 'The Cultural Project' and the Municipality of Lamas.

Sam and Suzanne were conducting a research project in art called 'Transporter ' which was funded by the British Arts Council England. In collaboration with Sachaqa, the artists shared their knowledge and in turn learned skills from the Amazonian Peruvian Artisans and culture. They in turn pass this knowledge to art students in the UK.

Sam and Suzanne directed an association of art in England called Rednileprojects /



Video - Producciones Concientes


Festival Amo Amazonia

October 2011

'Amo Amazonia' is an initiative created in 2009 in Lima with the aim of promoting knowledge and care of the Amazon region and to promote intercultural communication and sustainable management of tropical resources in our country. 

Amo Amazonia is not a single cultural festival, but seeks to consolidate itself as a platform for joint construction between organizations, institutions, associations and local people, inhabitant of the Amazon territory, to give high importance because it includes more than half of Peru and a quarter of the world's tropical forests.

We invite everyone to be part of this celebration of the Amazon identity together and say with pride: I LOVE THE AMAZON!


Acknowledgments Thank you to all the team who helped manifest this event


• Daniel Lerner - Coordinador General

• Noelia Calle -  Secretary

• Stanislav Birko- Design and communication

• Isabel Guzmán- Art Activities 

• Javier Quintana.- Film and photography

• José Luís Franco.- Concert

• Trina Brammah.- Exhibition at the Cafe Del Mundo

• Martin Gomez - Activities

• Yolanda Rojas -  lectures and talks

• Luis Rivelinho Yalta Hrnandez -Designer of all the flyers

• Claudia Olivares - Communication

• William Del Águila Vela - 'Mishky Mikuna' Food.

And much, much more......


Documentary and Video Workshop Chiriqyako, San Martin .


Workshop Video Documentary by Films Acullicu Chiriqyako community of San Martin.The aim of the workshops is to produce environmental films (short films, documentaries and web series) produced by young locals. The films show the richness of Peruvian biodiversity, living culture and stories of people in our Amazon.

The workshops were accompanied by nightly screenings of films in the villages.  Acullicu FILMS are a non-profit organization committed to defending human rights and the Middle Environment.VisionAcullicu Films seeks to promote the production of audiovisual works in the interior of Peru, and to increase national and international understanding to the various socio-environmental issues.



Acullicu Films 

Febuary 2012

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