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 Sculpture Program

Sculpture Trail on route to the viewpoint of protected area Cordillera Escallera

San Roque De Cumbaza

Photo Javier Quintana

  • Trek to ‘ El Miradore’ to look for a suitable place for your sculpture.

  • Visit the Chacra of Don Angel to search for materials such as ‘Atadijo’ natural rope traditionally used in construction, bamboo (caña brava, chicosa a smaller version of bamboo.) there is a strong grass used in basket weaving which you can use to create any formation.

  •  fallen wood, stones, vines, palma leaves grow on the land of Sachaqa and we can learn how to weave them into a shelter and earth (Quincha building technique.)


The programme does not include materials.​

  • Two weeks to develop ideas in the studio.

  • Present your ideas to the local Municipalidad.

  • Work on site to make your sculpture

  • Student/ Professional artist talk to invited guests – explanation of past work and development of new works made at Sachaqa.



Sculpture trail
sculpture trail

 Solaman Barker ‘ Monument of the Jungle’

sculpture trail
sculpture trail

Claire Mcardle – UK ‘Dancing of children’

sculpture trail
sculpture trail

Alia Shahab – Canada  

sculpture trail
sculpture trail
sculpture trail

Nicola McGarry – Canada  

sculpture trail

Sarah Rosenthal – USA

PRICE: $590 - month program $310 - two weeks

Includes: Basic Residency, tour of the sculpture trail and a trip to the farm of Don Angel where we can collect natural materials or ceramics course / depands what you would like to create. 

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