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About Our Festivals

 Following on from Festival ' Inter- Cultura' in the small indigenous village of Aucaloma in the district of San Roque De Cumbaza - December 2014.   We will be working on a similar event this year.   The event ties into the December Christmas celebrations.  It is so nice to celebrate with the village.

 Next year we will begin again a stream of festivals in the theme of our  'Amazonian Cosmo - Vision'.

Under the platform 'Ojo Amazónico '  If you would like to participate in these events, please get in touch with us.    There are no set dates yet so we are open to suggestion.  Normally these events will tie into existing ones, such as Festival Patrona which happens at the end of every July, in the village of San Roque De Cumbasa. 

Here is our general platform:

Ojo Amazónico is a cultural platform that seeks to generate spaces in which to develop awareness, understanding and reflection of the reality of our Amazon. This framework will foster an open space that will allow the articulation of networks of sustainable experiences in harmony with our environment.


• Preserve Amazonian traditional customs.
 • Strengthen intercultural relations between the Amazon and different regions of Peru.
  • Create a working platform for different sectors and organizations, related to the Amazon.
• Promoting youth participation in planned activities.
• Generate exhibition spaces and commercialization of locally produced goods.

The role of cultural events and festivals in indigenous and rural community

In the region of San Martin, indigenous communities are facing a time of great transition, as they deal with issues of retaining and engaging youth in communities that are losing their cultural heritage.   These communities must look to develop not only new sources of wealth, but a new sense of self, and this is where the arts and culture can play a key role in community sustainability.   Arts, culture, and heritage are increasingly an amenity to improve the quality of life and a foundation upon which the future of these communities can thrive.

Our festivals also foster an international creative exchange to deepen understanding across cultures, and create ties between world artists of a more modern standard and communities. 


Main goals

  • To provide the opportunity for people to come together in creation and celebration of culture, through exhibitions, live shows, Amazonian film, music, yoga, sculpture, photography, dance and much more.

  • We aim to support gastronomic and agricultural production through sale and promotion.   If local people see that there is a market for organic, artisan made products it will encourage local farmers to organise themselves to gain maximum profit.   

  • The sale and production of artisanal products produced usually by women either completely by hand, or with the help of hand tools, using raw materials from sustainable resources. The artisanal products have great cultural significance and are rich in culture, decorative, functional, religiously and socially symbolic and significant.  

  • To support and encourage the youth to participate in painting, singing, dance, artisanal production to promote cultural pride.

  • To provide a platform for organizations, institutions, associations and local people to work together to construct projects.

  • Invite professionals to speak about environmental issues and permaculture systems, a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature.


Mishkiyacu products
Sculpture: Alia Shahab (Canada)
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